Divorce without the Drama

Mary Anne Johnson

Divorce is never easy, but many people have found that divorce mediation is a much less expensive and far less emotionally painful way to divorce than divorce litigation. How will you divide your assets? Who is responsible for your debts? Who pays the bills until the house is sold? Who will provide health insurance? These are but a few of the questions that must be answered before a divorce is finalized. As a divorce and family mediator, I meet with both parties and help them talk openly and constructively about these issues. I also help couples create an agreement that is fair and equitable for both of them and that allows them to take and keep control of their lives.


Raising children in separate homes presents additional problems to divorcing, divorced and unmarried parents. Mediation can help parents who are living apart remain partners in raising their children while retaining civility and control of their own lives.


During mediation, I help parents create an agreement that includes, but is not limited to, detailed provisions for custody, co-parenting plans, child support, health insurance, education, and extra-curricular activity expenses. No one cares more about you and your children than you do. In divorce mediation, you make the decisions that affect your and their lives.


Advantages to choosing to mediate rather than litigate a divorce include the following:

  • Having one mediator who does not represent either party but serves each party fairly;

  • Making your own decisions;

  • Reducing bitterness by creating an atmosphere of cooperation;

  • Creating an agreement that reflects the best interest and needs of both children and parents;

  • Achieving settlement in less time, for less money, and with far less stress on both parents and children;

  • Having to attend only one court hearing rather than multiple costly hearings; and

  • Anticipating and resolving many future issues thereby reducing or eliminating the need for modifications.

In addition to the above, I provide mediating parties with the following:

  • Information about the laws applicable to divorce and/or parentage;

  • Help in reaching a fair and equitable division of assets and liabilities;

  • Help in drafting an agreement tailored to your own unique circumstances; and

  • The forms required for filing for divorce and instructions for completion.

Free Consultation

I offer a free introductory mediation consultation for you and your spouse, your partner, or your child’s other parent. Introductory consultations and mediation sessions can be scheduled every day including weekends and evenings. If you are interested in learning more about divorce mediation, please fill out the  form below, send an email to mjohnson@mjmediator.com, or call me at 781-856-3173. I look forward to hearing from you.


No retainer

There is no retainer required before starting mediation. Fees for each mediation sessions are paid at the end of that session.

Military Discount and First Responder Discount for Veterans, Active Duty Military, and First Responders

Please ask about the Military discount and First Responder discount offered in gratitude for your service.

Divorce Mediation for Employees

If your employer provides benefits through CLC Inc., you may be entitled to a discounted rate for mediation services provided through CLC's Mediation Access Plan.


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Divorce Mediation ~ A Civil and Sensible Solution


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